Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hitler and Fluoride

Hitler added High Dose Fluoride to Water at Concentration Camps to Keep People LIKE the WALKING DEAD - YouTube http://bit.ly/eKVlRq

Fluoride: The Bizarre History - Full Documentary - YouTube http://bit.ly/KOZXO3

Fluoride Action Network http://bit.ly/KP0kYW

Fluoride Poisoning cures: http://bit.ly/KKDAbA

Prove To Anyone That Fluoride Is BAD For You…. And Dumbing Society Down! ~ RiseEarth http://bit.ly/KP0AXX

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Environmental Due Diligence and Risk Assessment 
Experience includes successful completion of legislative, planning and technological due diligence of potential business acquisitions in waste and energy in Ireland, United Kingdom and mainland Europe.
Declan’s technical experience includes environmental risk analysis of new technologies, industrial site assessments, due diligence, legal and regulatory compliance, contaminated site assessments, auditing and examination of environmental liabilities, site remediation, planning and development in both Ireland and United Kingdom.

Risk Assessment of Water Fluoridation
Included below are the summary and full technical reports examining the human health, environmental impact and legal implications of water fluoridation.

Summary Report

Full Technical Report